Sabah Kadri, PhD
Computational Biologist . Improvisor . Dancer


His montage

He rode across the high and low
Painting his montage, so free
Twinkle, the sky above
And surpassing the usual gleam
He felt, he knew the touch so well
Embracing the power to be
The less face that was put up
Was too superficial not to see
With silent steps and lowered eyes
She passed him once, unnoticed
And then again an eon later
He saw, he knew that touch so well
This time he would not let her go
This time he ruled his destiny
He waited too long
He waited too far
This time he knew it was meant to be.

Her montage

Perky and cheery,
Fizzy and gay
Hopeful of all good
Vivacious to stay…
Boomerang, more often than not
Swaying her away
Motive in question
Silence at bay
Walking away from harmony
Or was it? She did not know
He passed her in her stillness
The outcome would follow
Sometimes, life’s biggest questions
Are answered in a moment
That moment, the epicenter
Of her montage, her love
She stopped him, in wait
He stopped her, in time
She knew he was the moment
She knew he would not leave,
Patient and sublime,
All good was to come.

Not so long ago

They say life changes,
But if only they knew
There are no truer words
No better a description.
Has it already been this long?
It has been a while
Who was I back then?
How did I manage to survive?
I know some answers
But others, maybe not
Some voices play in my mind
Some moments, in my memories, caught,
And yet, I can live everyday
Over and over in my head
The smile, the wave, the walk away,
Inside my head, the jumbles wed.
Intertwining trains of thought
Uniting the acts of fate
The walk, the droplets, all that’s white
The hugs, the embraces, never to let go
We walk today, together again
No one will ever need to know
You will lead me, as you always did
I will, silently follow.
I wish sometimes I were there
Was there something I could do?
All is meaningless, now
I have stopped the questions too
We walk and talk, all this way
I can still see you.

So strong

Like the trunk facing the storm
Like that spider climbing the wall
Just like the last straw to hold on to
Just like the brick wall, upright and tall
Akin to the wrestler on his last night
Similar to the man, going almost blind
Holding on to the glimpse of the last sight
And the destitute fire-fly losing its glow
Or the running shoes that are almost too slow
Just like the raindrop unaware of its fate
But braving the leap into the unknown
Just like the fireman who does not know
If he will ever return
Or the climber defying gravity
Plunging into the realm of uncertainty
Just like that
So strong, she is…
So undeterred, so radiant
Of all forces true
My mother, my friend


Curling my fingers and hopping away
You readied me to face the world
Then time flew by so quickly, so much
I couldn’t remember the moment they unfurled
All in a blur, eons swept by
I stood all alone, just one in a million
But it felt unique and it felt so proud
I was in reality, one in a million…
You taught to be one on my own,
You taught me not the tricks or ways
It was the edge, the black and white
I did not need to learn the task
It was imbedded, instilled and cast
I am whom you made me into
You did not wait to accept the gratitude
Forever, always, I am to you

Their tale

He walked along the vast terrain
Oblivious to what lay beyond
His search had taken countless years
Yet, his unwavering self kept going on…
His armor kept him safe and estranged
Undeterred, his mettle walked him through
All, but one wound that did not heal
The perforation that did not reseal…
And then,
Something caught his long-lost attention
He followed his sight to the luring outline
She sat very still, composed, almost unhumanly
Her eyes glistening in the shadows…
Her radiance encompassed his being
And he felt weightless, unburdened
As he was lifted across the expanse
Guided to the warmth of her soul…
He felt closer than ever before
Before him, stood the end of a long wait
He succumbed to every feeling inside
There was nothing to fear and nothing to hide…
She looked up at him and smiled
Her eyes narrated stories untold
The indiscernible bond strengthened
As they stood through the years, warm and cold…
The tear in his armor healed itself
Her tears in decades were wiped away
A happiness unheard of bloomed and swayed
Traveled far with time and space
The story of this mighty knight and his damsel

There is...

To every breath
And every step,
To every stance
And all chaos
To each and everyone
To every set and dawn
From every part and sight
From all depths and heights
To me from you
And all around
To souls and to bodies
To words and to sounds
There is a story...

Going on

She left the house
Marooned and lost
Under the shades
Of a lonely thrust
She hoped a touch,
A familiar word
The same old saga
And stories we heard
The raindrops fell
Upon her being
Superficial no more
Reached the soul all seeing
She walked, she dragged
A baggage so far
The past and the future
The present behind bars
She slowly moved her head
And looked beyond the way
Up at the billowing hand
She prayed to change the day
Forlorn, detached, desolate
Her reclusive outline passed
A shadow to the passer-bys
Her vulnerabilities masked
The rain kept coming down
Her pace unaffected
The mask gradually unmasked
The wounds exposed, detected
She thanked the heavens today
For the seasonal showers appeared
She always liked walking in the rain
‘Coz no one saw her tears…


Rolling down the rocky hills
Going towards their destiny
Soft, serene, inward turmoil
Seeds and plants of ecstasy
A belief, so shattered
A heart, so broken
A smile well-taken
A root so shaken
The pearl rolled down
And reached her lips
It kissed her good bye
And plunged into the abyss
She wondered how many would sacrifice
Their lives, their memories, their price
As she thought some more, some more
One more headed for the fall

An ocean

Splashing into a ripple
Thundering lines and waves
Soft and warm, her touch
Secure and owned, forever
The only one there ever was
Only together and no more
So lucky and content
Awakened and blessed!

A miss

We sat alone, together,
A shield, unknown, unforeseen
He lent a hand, I pushed away
I lent him mine, he did the same
As the twilight dawned upon,
His shadows curled, his presence gone
I did not ask him
He did not stay
Now, I wish he hadn’t left
The place he had, lies bereft
He taught me how to smile and talk
He held my hand when I tried to walk
Nothing could touch me or do any harm
Sometimes, I wish times hadn’t changed
He would still love me
All would be the same
I had it all and then some more


She moved with the wind
she swayed with the current
imprisoned, claustrophobic
why? again? there?
freedom just for once
she didn't she tried
she called out he heard
he didn't listen
did she matter?
the world went on
she called once more
listen listen listen
white noise silence
she tried again
this time the voice would not come
buried.. deep within
it now lies hoping it would
maybe some day
the day did not come
nor did she
nor did he...

For her...

holding him close
she caressed his soul,
she was an epitome of virtue
of love and strength, so bold...
he kept far enough
to know she was around
he wanted to be stubborn
but didnt risk the anger bound...
the bond exists, we see
it stretches out the pain
the feeling overcomes her fears
no care for the world of disdain...
a salute goes out for the bravery
a heartfelt wish for the love
the suppressed hurt emerges
and the next its put to shove...
she pats his being to sleep
her breath waiting for his next
all battles and struggles surmount
all fears and woes annexed...

All things bright and...

They said it would be easy
They said it would be right
And then I opened my eyes
To all things beautiful and bright
I thought I was being tested
I thought I would be fine
And then he took away the only hope
I stood there, waiting for a sign
Its not easy, they say now
It never was, never would be
I embraced what I believed in
My power, my divinity….

A taste of ecstasy

Walking down the same old road
Humming an old melody
Everything was mundane, routine
The same pathways, the same galleries
And yet, it seemed so fresh, so new
A daisy blooming amidst the residue
A sculptor carving out novel art
Just another morning but still a bracing start
I wondered why I smiled so much
Why a breeze orchestrated to me
Why a falling flower painted a picture
Why each sorrow seemed now, a parody
I gazed at the figure walking beside me
His footsteps one with mine
Why did I believe his every breath?
Why did I ‘believe’ when he said it would be fine?
He changed my life forever
He set my inhibitions free
I hummed, I sang, I felt, I sighed
A taste of pride and ecstasy

As she flew

Darting across the seamless sky
True as the myth of paradise,
Her dreams took off with feathers galore
Higher and higher, rising and more
No doubt, no remorse, no irk or hate
Neither pang nor fate
Deterrence, a non-event
A mettle well-sent
The confidence of karma
Grounded the feet of flight
Yet off they went
To immeasurable heights
She knew she could
And now she did From up above, from where she saw,
She looked, captivated and smiled